Injury Logic

About Injurylogic and were created to help you quickly validate and diagnose the most common injury from low-speed auto collisions, whiplash.

Whiplash occurs over 3 million times each year in the US and it represents over 65% of all bodily injuries from car accidents. Whiplash is difficult to diagnose and is considered a “soft tissue” injury. The problem with whiplash is that almost 50% of those who suffer whiplash, have a chronic injury 20 years later!

In reality, a whiplash injury is violent, and the repercussions can be lifelong.

Injurylogic’s proprietary software measures critical measurements of your spine and can objectively document whiplash according to the AMA guidelines with 3 simple X-Rays.

What that means is that you can quickly find out if you have a permanent injury according to the American Medical Association.

Injurylogic screenings are billed to insurance and are no cost to the injured. We have a national network of over 3000 imaging facilities that use our proprietary software to diagnose whiplash.

Why use Injurylogic?

We work with a network of specialized attorneys who use the findings generated by our software to help you get the maximum settlement in the shortest period of time.

Our screenings can help you get the maximum benefit from an insurance company because they document a permanent injury that you could be compensated for. Insurance companies want to settle cases at the onset of a claim. If you provide objective data at the beginning of the claim cycle, you can shorten the time it takes to settle your claim.

We all know that most cases settle, and never go to court. This is especially true for most whiplash injuries, as they are considered low value soft tissue cases. But due to the ominous nature of whiplash, your potential suffering typically comes in the future. That’s why it is so important to objectively document and validate a permanent injury at the onset of your claim.

Here’s how Injurylogic works-

When you call 888 Am I Hurt, we get basic accident information and find out if you’re a candidate for our no cost screening- if you are, we simultaneously refer you with to an attorney and our diagnostic network. Your attorney can help you accelerate claim with an insurance company, while your diagnostics immediately reveal if you have a permanent injury to your spine.

Our mission is to help the injured understand the extent of their injuries, use technology to document those injuries quickly according to the AMA guidelines, and work with an attorney who can collapse the settlement time with an insurance company.